Edible Oil Industry

General Engineering Services for plant upgrade

Project Objectives:

CARGILL is in full process of upgrading its existing facilities from Turyag Plant/Turkey. Main objectives consist of revamping of the Crushing, Refinery and Packing units.

Scope of work

  • Project Engineering; 
  • Site supervision for plant revamp;
  • Multidisciplinary design 
  • Procurement support;
Client: CARGILL Turkey (Edible oil plant: sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, corn germ oil) / Project: General Engineering Services / Location: Balikesir, Turkey / Type of Work: Basic and Detail Design / Period: 2015–2016

Refinery Relocation

Project Description : 

  • Relocation of more than 300 tons of process equipment (centrifuges, deodorizers, filters, crystallizers, drums, etc.) from Cargill Edible Oil Plant to Expur Plant, according to Cargill requirements and procedures;
  • Equipment dismantling, site supervision and coordination;
  • Preparation for transport, loading, transport, unloading and preparative works and checks prior to reinstallation;
  • Coordination between sites/locations.

Scope of work :

  • Permitting;
  • Complete multidisciplinary design;
  • Site planning, Construction Supervision and Coordination;
  • Temporary storage and preparatory works for packing, loading and transportation.
Client: EXPUR / Project: Refinery Relocation / Location: Podari-Slobozia, Romania / Type of Work: EPCM / Period: 2014

Refinery Upgrade

Project Description:

Upgrade of sun flower oil refinery units (neutralization, bleaching, winterization, deodorization, splitting, de-gumming) from 200 TPD to 400 TBD. Project main challenge involved reinforcing refinery building, equipment layout and installation works while existing refinery was operational. Other objectives involved minimizing refinery shut-down periods for tie-in execution.

Scope of work

  • Project Engineering & Coordination;
  • Complete multidisciplinary design;
  • Procurement management and expediting;
  • Construction management;
  • Plant operation during test run period
Client: EXPUR / Project: Crude Unit Upgrade / Location: Slobozia, Romania / Type of Work: EPCM / Period: 2013–2014

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Project Description

Upgrade of wastewater treatment plant and splitting unit by improving performance of existing equipment considering existing and new facilities.

Scope of Work:

  • Basic & Conceptual Design;
  • Permitting;
  • Detailed Design.
Client: EXPUR / Project: WWTP Upgrade / Location: Slobozia, Romania / Type of Work: Basic & Detail Design / Period: 2014

New Hexan Retention Wall

Ludan scope:

  • Permitting and approvals according to extraction area requirements;
  • Delivery and installation of maintenance access doors according to extraction area requirements;
  • Design, supply, deliver and install metallic walkways for access within extraction area; 
  • Design, supply and execute of the retention wall according to client requirement and authority approvals.
Client: Bunge-Prio / Project: New Hexan Retention Wall / Location: Lehliu, Romania / Type of Work: EPC / Period: 2014

Grain terminals

200.000 Tons grain terminal

Project Description:

S.C. CHIMPEX S.A. is developing a new grass-root grain terminal in Constanta with a total storage capacity of 200.000 tons with the purpose to increase its port-operation activities, this terminal being designed to facilitate truck, train and barge intake and load PANAMAX vessels. The Project consists of 20 silo cells, 10.000 tons each, with a processing capacity of 800 tons/hour. Project is expected to complete in May 2017.

Scope of work

  • Permitting; 
  • Multidisciplinary Design;
  • Procurement management; 
  • Planning and Cost Controlling;
  • Site Supervision; 
  • Project Management;

Technical Due Diligence

Project Description

Nidera is a global commodity service and solutions provider for agricultural market. A technical due diligence has been required in Romania with the main purpose of determining future investment opportunities.

Due diligence has considered the annual handling and storage capacity, analyzing various development options.

Scope of Work:

  • Evaluation of existing permits and technical documentation;   
  • Evaluation of site condition: platforms, roads, pavements, railways, utilities, buildings and structure;
  • Evaluation of existingmachinery and equipment;
  • Conceptual Design and investment proposals;
  • CAPEX & OPEX Estimation.
Client: Nidera / Project: Technical Due Diligence / Location: Constanta, Romania / Type of Work: Conceptual Design / Period: 2015

Dairy Industries

Utility systems package

Project Objectives:

TNUVA TRD Romania developed a new dairy that processing around 150,000 l milk/year. The complete project was divided into several packages as civil, process and utility systems. The utility systems consist of power, raw water, steam plant, refrigeration, cold water, ventilation and air conditioner, fire-fighting system.

Scope of work:

  • LUDAN Engineering SRL Romania was awarded with the execution of the complete utility systems package as a General Contractor inside an EPC contract.
Client: TNUVA / Project: Utility systems package / Location: Romania / Type of Work: EPC

Food Ingredients and Additives

Amylum Bulgaria EAD Plant extension

Project Objectives:

Within the project expansion, different capacities of final products have to be added mainly focusing on liquid products such as dextrose, high fructose, glucose, crystalline dextrose, and ethanol.

Project shall be built mainly as Brown Field but some parts will be treated as Green Field such as: Ethanol Plant, Feed House (Fiber and Germ dewatering and drying), Gluten House (gluten dewatering and drying), and installation of CHP (Gas turbine) and boilers.

Ludan will preform full engineering services considering:

  • Maintaining engineering progress in line with the realization plan and by thorough regular risk assessments and thus preventing surprises during execution. Process Design;
  • Minimizing downtime during execution phase so that production can run simultaneous to construction activities.  Steel Structure Design;
  • Comply with all applicable Bulgarian and EU regulations and standards for all design in order to ensure proper performance and quality
  • Develop a project with a strong focus on safety; by focusing on safety excellence during all design phases.
  • In parallel with detailed design activities, Ludan will support Amylum during Permitting process by providing necessary technical documentation, extract from future Detail Engineering Study in order to facilitate the issue of EIA process and Building Permit. Documentation for approvals from various authorities or studies (including Environmental Impact Assessment)
Client: Amylum / Project: Razgrad Plant Extention / Location: Razgrad, Bulgaria  / Type of Work: Full Engineering Services / Period:  2017 - 2018

ESA & PSZ study Green Field Expansion Lipetsk Project

Project Objectives:

Kemin has planned to do an investment, to generate a production site for animal food at Lipetsk, Russia.

Scope of work

  • Ludan will update the existing ESA study, in one time and at the end of the PSA phase.
  • Ludan will perform the study, which is in line with client’s request for generating a PSA, ending with a cost estimation ±10%
Client: KEMIN / Project: ESA & PSZ study Russia / Location: Lipetsk, Russia / Type of Work / Basic Engineering / Period: 2015–2016

Reconstruction of existing facility

Project Description

Revamping of existing facility for diluted chemicals into MVR evaporators building.

Scope of Work:

  • Permitting;
  • Process Design;
  • Civil engineering; 
  • Steel Structure Design;
  • Piping Design;
  • Electrical design.
Client: Amylum / Project: Reconstruction of existing facility / Location: Razgrad, Bulgaria / Type of Work: Basic & Detail Design / Period: 2013–2014