Engineering Design

Sustainability operational principles are fully integrated with our design perspectives orientated always towards the achievement of clients objectives. The applied practices and procedures ensure the compliance of requested targets throughout the project execution merely due to our dedicated experts team.

In-house process, mechanical, EI&C, civil and structural departments as well as environmental engineering expertise has allowed us to perform both in small and large-scale projects. 

Our services cover a wide range of areas that are specific to the needs of each phase of the project life-cycle starting with feasibility studies, technical due-diligence, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Basic, Detail & As Built Design. 

We invest continuous in tools, trainings and work processes to ensure that we remain one of the region’s leading engineering provider. This comes by sharing innovative technologies and processes across the organization which drives technical excellence and enhances project delivery.

EPCM - Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management

This complex mix of services represents for our clients a complete solution performed by a single company which owns the engineering resources and has the procurement capabilities and construction know-how to complete an industrial project.

Our team is made of highly experienced Site Coordinators and Project Managers, professionals in each of their disciplines, who are able to integrate and comply with all client requests while keeping under observation the project budget and milestones. Main responsibilities include:

  • Preparation, submission and follow up of technical documentation required for authorities
  • Procurement expediting and technical assistance for client during procurement
  • Coordination of general schedule and all planning activities
  • Compliance with contractual and legal requirements
  • Reporting of project performance
  • Reporting of cost management (Budget & Cash-flow)
  • Coordination of site activities while mitigating any execution issues
  • Managing contractors during erection and construction works
  • Monitoring of quality assurance and control systems
  • Implementation of the Project safety procedures

EPC – Turn Key

LUDAN takes over the roles and responsibilities of a general contractor and performs all the phases of an industrial project. This includes multidisciplinary engineering, procurement of all equipment and components, installation works, commissioning and start-up. Moreover, due to the complexity of industrial projects additional services which we provide help make a difference. This includes due-diligence for selecting the best location, financing options, negotiations with authorities, maintenance management, safety engineering, technical management, training of operating personnel and project management.

Procurement and Supply Chain

With a dedicated team specialized on procurement, LUDAN assures material and equipment delivery both for local and international projects. In close collaboration with our clients as well as with worldwide partners and equipment suppliers we make sure to deliver at the best quality/price ratio according to agreed budgets and schedules. 

The purpose for providing a complete procurement service is closely related to the projects we are involved in and to the needs of our clients. These includes RFP’s, bidding documentation analysis, RFQ’s, procurement expediting, transport logistic, material & equipment delivery to site, vendor selection and negotiation.

Project Management & 

A professional project management service is always performed when having an efficient control over resources, a dedicated project management system, project management office and a professional team. Accurate project progress is constantly monitored using PRIMAVERA software (Gant Charts, Critical Path, resource Allocation, Quality standards, Progress reports, KPI’s) and by creating clear connections between engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning activities.

Turnaround Management

Turnarounds are usually sizable projects executed under strict time constraints with severe financial impacts for delays. They are also subject to significant potential scope changes that arise from unforeseen findings and extra work during the turnaround period, and require fast decision making and approvals that cannot be avoided. This combination often results in the “perfect storm” of circumstances during the turnaround period, making effective project controls one of the most important elements in successfully executing a shutdown or turnaround project.

Industry Software Solutions

Computerized Maintenance Management Information System (CMMS) 

CMMS solutions are used to schedule and record operation and preventive/planned maintenance activities associated with facility equipment. The CMMS can generate and prioritize work orders and schedules for staff to support "trouble" calls and to perform periodic/planned equipment maintenance. Upon completion of a work order, performance information, such as the date when work was performed, supplies/inventory, and man-hours expended, typically is loaded into the database for tracking, to support future operations/planning.

Our extensive knowledge of maintenance operations combined with our enterprise software experience have allowed us to provide valuable professional guidance through the implementation process. 

The use of an integrated maintenance application system can lead to:  

  • Increase manufacturing capacity and quality
  • Reduce costly repairs and emergency breakdowns
  • Decrease accidents and improve plant safety
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Organize and track inventory and inventory warehousing, purchasing and receiving
  • Increase operational life of machinery, equipment and facilities;
  • Decrease downtime/increase up-time
  • Make better decisions based on up-to-date information
  • Provide superior customer service through higher product quality and timely deliveries

Plant Information System(PI) 

  • PI System provides real-time event management, retrieval, and deep archiving of volumes of data for scalable management of relevant variables and events enterprise-wide.
  • The PI System brings all operational data into a single system that can deliver it to users at all levels of the company - from the plant floor to the enterprise level. 

Control Loop Performance Monitoring

PlantESP equips users with valuable insight and actionable information. It leverages your facilities existing historical process data to uncover details that are invisible to the naked eye details that lead to poor control and equipment failure. PlantESP provides advance warning of those negative trends and it isolates the associated root-causes. Equipped with PlantESP you can improve your facilities operational intelligence and avoid the high costs of unplanned downtime.

Laser Scanning 

3D Laser scanning is a technology that is becoming has recently emerged in the industrial market, providing viable 3D model generation solutions. 

Comprehensive Suite of Integrated j5 Applications

  • IndustraForm®

Transform Paper Forms and Spreadsheets into Enterprise Level Applications

  • Operations

    Operations Logbook, Shift Handover, Work Instructions, Standing Orders, Event Manager, Action Management, Inspection Rounds, Product Movements

  • Process Safety / Maintenance

    Management of Change, Permit to Work, Incident Management

  • Compliance

    Design and Maintain a Compliance Strategy

  • Mobile

    Inspection Rounds, Operations Logbook, Standing Orders

  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

    Properly Manage j5 Configuration and Customization

  • Dashboards, Reports and Views

    Compare and contrast data across all of the j5 Applications

  • Interfaces

    Read from and write data to DCS / Historians (OSIsoft® PI System® / Wonderware), CMMS / EAM (Maximo), OPC, LIMS, EDMS, SAP etc.”