The planned turnaround that takes place every 5 years according to current legislation ensures the functionality of the refinery. QHSE measures were implemented in order to safely carry out the works and reach the goal of zero incidents. The works envisaged corrective and preventive maintenance and technical inspections of equipment in order to maintain the nominal capacity of the refinery

Scope of work

  • Preparation of the activities list;
  • Assistancefor budget preparation;
  • Project control;
  • General schedule of shutdown works;
  • Subcontractor’s analysis.
Client: ROMINSERV / Project: Turnaround Management / Location: Constanta, Romania / Type of Work: Engineering & Consultancy / Year: 2001, 2005,  2010


Gazprom Omsk Refinery has execute a major Turnaround with aim of meet Statutory/company requirements in terms of inspections, tests and overhaul; implementing corrective and preventive maintenance measures for the equipment requiring total shut down of the plant; performing in parallel all necessary cleaning activities;  catalyst change activities; tie in specific on-going investment projects; improve overall efficiency as well overall performance of the unit involved in turnaround.

Scope of work

  • Initiate and support building of the organizational chart and took part in selecting of member team around LUDAN core of people and define the roles;
  • Preparation of master strategic plan for turnaround implementation; 
  • Preparing and validation list of activities; detailed scope of work;
  • Preparing and validation list of investment projects to be tie-in the operating units;
  • Preparing a detailed base line plan based on PRIMAVERA project schedule:  assign WBS and activities codes; reporting templates
  • Coordination for Initial Budget preparation, tender documents preparation for subcontractors, logistic activities and procurement activities;
  • Regular follow up and progress regarding activities;
  • Support Turnaround Manager in day by day activities;
  • Coordination of design activities for small project;
  • Training client staff in using Primavera Project management software;
  • Coordination of supervising activities per each process unit;
  • Organizing and coordinating regular meetings (weekly, monthly);
  • Issue final report.
Client: GAZPROM / Project: Turnaround Management / Location: Omsk Refinery, Russia / Type of Work: Engineering & Consultancy / Year: 2013


Azomures has execute the shutdown of all installations: ammonia, nitric acid, NPK, urea and ammonia nitrate fertilizers. The objective was to preventive maintenance, increasing the efficiency, improve the environmental protection. The works time schedule was concentrated for 5 weeks.

Scope of work

  • Planning;
  • Controlling and Reporting;
  • Vendors selection; 
  • Contractors supervision and coordination;
  • Budget follow-up.