Oil & Gas

Upstream oil and gas companies have experienced significant changes in recent years. Such dynamic conditions require responsive and flexible services. LUDAN skills and ability to understand local regulations and culture recommend us as reliable partner.

Our services in this segment are mainly focused on the design.

An outstanding project LUDAN have successfully completed is the Separation of CO2 from Natural Gas based on HIPACT® – an innovative CO2  capture Process, pursuant turn-key contract.

Experience in engineering for all process units by case, in collaboration with key Technology Licensors: Crude Oil Distillation, Vacuum Distillation, Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Amine gas treater, Visbreaker, Hydrogen production, Sulfur Recovery, Delayed Coking as well as in auxiliary facilities: Gasoline blending. Sour water stripper, Cooling towers, Waste water treatment, Products storage and handling. Through this expertise LUDAN have successfully delivered various projects ranging from conceptual studies to commissioning and start up.

Petroleum Refining

Inorganic Fertilizers

LUDAN can support with extensive industry expertise during all phases of the plant lifecycle.

For many years, we have provided engineering works for Ammonia Nitrate, Urea Plant, Nitric Acid unit, Terminal liquid fertilizers and Utilities systems . Many projects have been carried out under EPCM and Turnkey (EPC) contracts. LUDAN has also significant expertise for Turnaround Management. LUDAN has implemented  dedicated software for Maintenance Management.


Since 2009, Ludan Environmental Technologies is a part of Ludan Group.

With an interdisciplinary team of experienced professionals we provide complete and customized solutions regarding environmental aspects, in accordance with Client needs and environmental framework regulations, applying high standards of social responsibility.

Thus, with relevant experience at international level, we are committed to providing exceptional expertise in the field of industrial wastewater treatment, sludges treatment, soil decontamination and waste management, including treatment and/or elimination of hazardous waste.

We offer reliable solution in the renewable energy industry for the production and valorization of biogas and digestate, resulted from locally available substrates like agroindustrial wastes (manure, food industry wastes, etc.), energy crops (corn, sorghum) and animal by-products.

Our main goal is delivery of high quality consulting, technical and managerial services, for the development of consistent and profitable products, from the early stages of development to decommissioning at the end of product life.

Our experts have extensive experience in development of comprehensive documentation for permits application and can assist the Client in the process of project permitting.

Combining classical process engineering principles and methodologies with specific know how of state of the art technologies, we focus on process engineering and management from conceptual design, including site studies, risk assessments, feasibility studies and others, to effective operation of industrial wastewater treatment plants and biogas facilities.

Our particular design solutions and procurement activities integrated with distinctive management services and technical support during construction and star-up creates cost efficient and reliable projects, tailored to customer’s expectations.


LUDAN has gained proficiency in energy systems, system plants, design and en­gineering and placed this experience at the disposal of its clients. It has developed projects for large electricity production units in Romania and abroad and continues to answer the demands of the energy sector by promoting BOT project types.

Food & Beverage

LUDAN Engineering SRL provides expertise and technology in the industrial as­pects of food processing and products. The company know-how is supported by association with leading professional in the specific technologies. We have proven our capabilities in the processing:

  • Milk and dairy products
  • Sunflower oil refining 
  • Food aditives

Other Industries

LUDAN Engineering SRL employs its engineering and management skills for the construction of infrastructure programs. Our projects have included design and construction management of industrial warehouses, roads, water, sewage and electrical systems etc.  

Industry Software Solutions

Real time data collection, control loop performance, maintenance and asset management have a crucial contribution to your business success. The path related to optimize plant performance can be expressed in terms of: control costs reduction, manage resources efficiently, increase revenues, followed by the regulatory compliance surveillance.

Selecting the right software solution – your business will rise at all levels based on the support of our dedicated expert’s team able to implement one of the following proposed solutions:

  • IBM-Maximo (IBM)
  • Plant Information (OSISOFT)
  • Control Loop Performance Monitoring (Control Station)
  • MAINTellingence (DMSI)
  • j5 International - Operations Management Applications Suite