Gasoline In-Line Blending

LUDAN successfully completed a turn key project (complete design, construction, commissioning) for Gasoline In line Blending system. The Customer finally got a continuous  installation for mixing different components streams in order to obtain a final product of closely defined proportions.  The implemented technology is considered more economic than batch blending method. It saves money by blending faster, requiring less manpower and storage facilities and by reducing the quality giveaway.

Client: NIS GAZPROMNEFT / Period: 2013–2016 / CAPEX: 10M Euro / Location: Serbia / Type of Services: Turn Key (EPC)

Modification of the Hydrogen Units

The Client is operating two hydrogen units using natural gas from national grid as raw material.  For decreasing the operational costs it was implemented the feeding with refinery gases. LUDAN scope of work was complete design, authority engineering and technical assistance during construction.

Client: PETROTEL LUKOIL S.A. / Period: 2015 / CAPEX: 5M Euro / Location: Romania / Type of Services: ENGINEERING

Detailed Design for a New Sulfur Recovery Unit

The new complex consists of: New Sulfur Recovery of 220 sulfur tones/day and New Gas Treatment unit (TGT)  of 250 tones/day capacity,  with parameters: Sulfur recovery o99.8% , the content of sufur in H2S  maximum 10 ppm and  the content of SO2 at stack max. 1000 m/m3 . LUDAN was responsible for detailed design based on licensor Basic Design and technical assistance during commissioning.

Client: ROMPETROL Refining. / Period: 2009–2011 / CAPEX: 47 Million USD / Location: Romania / Type of Services: Design


New Central Control Room

The control and information system includes a central control center where the refinery personnel monitor and control the site units through field equipment and instruments. Each unit contains hundreds of monitored and controlled input/output instruments. The information system collects and stores all the site data, and enable refinery employees to use the data on a real time basis as well as through a set of dedicated reports. LUDAN scope of work was: study the existing installation (control, wiring), identify cables and their marking, Complete implementation in the new control system and install it alongside with the old one, Switch-over without stopping production - disconnect the cable from the old system and connect to the new, repeating cable after cable. The big advantage: a gradual transition and an immediate identification of wiring errors and malfunctions, transition during shutdown- transition the rest of the old system to the new system.

Client: ROMPETROL Refining / Project: 2002–2008 / CAPEX: 14 Million USD / Location: Romania / Type of Services: Engineering

New Flare System

An old Flare system, more than 30 years old, was replaced by construction of a new Flare unit consisting of 3 new flares of 110 m height each. The flow gas rate and emissions are monitoring to fulfill the environmental requirements.  LUDAN performed feasibility study, CAPEX estimation, complete design.

Client: ROMPETROL Refining / Period: 2010–2012 / CAPEX: 16 Million USD / Location: Romania / Type of Services: eNGINEERING

Design of Delayed Coker Unit (DCU), Gas Absorption and Fractionation (GAF)

The DCU processes mostly the vacuum residue from the VDU of the crude unit but also residual streams from FCC, heavy aromatics from Solvent Deasphalting GAF purpose is to stabilize gasoline and prepare it for storage and further processing in gasoline hydro-fining units. Light gaseous hydrocarbons dissolved in feed are absorbed in a stabilized recycle stream followed by separation of the LPG and stabilized gasoline.  For a DCU 200,000 tones LUDAN has developed the Basic Design Package for a DCU of 200000 t/year feed capacity, including: process calculation and process specification; plant layout; civil design; electrical design; instrumentation specification; process control philosophy; CAPEX estimation.

Client: O.O.O Makston / Period: 2015–2016 / Location: Russia / Type of Work: Design

Design of Kerosine/Diesel Hydrofining Unit (DHU)

Kerosine/Diesel Hydrofining Unit (K/DHU) is able to process various feeds (heavy naphtha, kerosine, gas oil) from different refinery units. The unit capacity is 200.000 ton/year processed feed.The K/DHU processes mainly the kerosine and/or gas oil from Crude Distillation Unit (CDU), Delayed Cocker (DCU), Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU). The unit can change operating modes according to commercial demand in order to produce jetfuel (kerosine) or diesel Euro 5/6. LUDAN has developed the Basic Design Package including: process calculation and process specification; plant layout; civil design; electrical design; instrumentation specification; process control philosophy; CAPEX estimation.

Client: O.O.O Makston / Period: 2015–2016; Location: Russia / Type of Work: Design

Design of Sulfur Recovery  Unit

The sulfur recovery unit concerns the gas treatment for H2S removal in a SulFerox® Unit at low pressure, near to atmospheric. This type of unit is simple and reliable. The SulFerox process requires the gas without liquid hydrocarbons and dust. This project is based on a 99.9% + overall sulfur recovery; in this case, H2S content in treated gas will be less than 10 ppmv. LUDAN has developed the Basic Design Package for Sulfur Recovery Plant of 3000 kg/year sulfur including: process calculation and process specification; plant layout; civil design; electrical design; instrumentation specification; process control philosophy; CAPEX estimation.

Client: O.O.O Makston / Period: 2016 / Location: Russia / Type of Services: Design


Design of Propane/Propylene Fractionator and Tank Area

Propan /propylene mixture is separated into products of high purity, which can be applied in polymerization processes, which requires a splitter for mixture of propan propylene (C3/C3=), a storage area, dispatch lines and interconnecting of plants and storage area. For such unit LUDAN work consisted of: preparation of integral Conceptual design for new plant and storage area , obtaining location permit, preparation tender documentation for EPC Bid.

Client: INA dd / Period: 2015 / CAPEX: 18 M euro / Location: Croatia / Type of Services: ENGINEERING

Energy consumption monitoring system

The project objective is to increase the efficiency of operating and monitoring the utilities consumption. That suppose: Installation of new flow meters, connecting new and existing flow meters to existing   local and central distribution control system (DCS) , adjusting   DCS. LUDAN scope:  checking compliance; preparation of conceptual solution; authority engineering, main design, detail design, preparation of Tender Documentation, work plan, cost estimation.

Client: INA dd / Period: 2015 / Location: Croatia / Type of Services: Engineering

Efficiency Improvement of Process Furnaces

12 furnaces have been identified for a partial reconstruction contributing to efficiency improvement. Ludan responsibilities: preparation of main and detail design for all disciplines (mechanical, civil, electrical) including, HSE design, fire protection design, hazardous areas classification and cost break-down,  HAZOP study, authority engineering.



Lube Base Oil Production from VGO Fractions

The Customer has considered the possibility of production of industrial base oils from a type of local naphthenic crude oil. The Base Case foresees construction of the new production line  using existing infrastructure (existing crude/vacuum distillation units CDU/VDU, tank farm and utility systems). LUDAN scope: assessment of CAPEX and OPEX requirements according to four possible configurations; assessment of an additional project module – construction of a Dewaxing unit; recommendations on the optimal project configuration for base oils production; recommendations on optimal capacity of all new units; confirmation of final product specifications in each project configuration; preparation of client input data and tender documentation for basic engineering. 


New Unit for Gasoil Hydrotreating, including Amine Washing

The Hydro-treatment plant, with the capacity of 100,000 t/h (70,000 tons per year diesel hydro-desulphurization and 30,000 tons per year LVGO hydro dewaxing), was necessary to reduce sulfur levels in the light Diesel produced by the Refinery to limits permitted under EURO 5 norms (10 ppm), to improve the competitiveness and to eliminate the costs associated with the Refinery’s dependence on other nearby refineries to treat its oil. LUDAN scope of work: Permitting; Complete Design; Procurement; Construction; Construction supervision and management; Commissioning.

Client: STEAUA Romana / Period: 2008–2010 / CAPEX: 16M Euro / Location: Romania / Type of Services: TURN KEY

New Unit for Gasoil Hydro-treating

A grass root diesel hydro-desulphurization plant with capacity of 115,000 tons per year (38,000 tons per year heavy diesel and 77,000 t per year light diesel) was developed in close relationship with Key Licensors. LUDAN Engineering performed conceptual design, detail design, procurement and construction management.

Client: INSAOIL / Project: 2006–2010 / Location: Bulgaria / CAPEX: 20M Euro / Type of services: EPCM

Separation of CO2 from Natural Gas

The new plant consists of two units:  Amine sweetening unit, hereinafter, for acid gas removal (mainly CO2) from hydrocarbons gas; TEG dehydration unit, for water removing from sales gas and CO2. The HIPACT® Technology was implemented. LUDAN Group scope of work pursuant turn key contract: Permitting; Complete Engineering; Procurement; Construction Works; Project Management and Site Supervision; Commissioning; Plant operation during trial run period; Technical assistance during guarantee period. 

Client: NIS GAZPROM NEFT / Period: 2012–2015 / CAPEX: 15MEuro / Location: Serbia / Type of Work: Turn Key (EPC)


Engineering Services for Surface Facilities

To increase the oil production, new surfaces facilities are developed  to gather and meter the crude oil. As Subcontractor LUDAN has executed design for:  Process; Piping; Electrical; Instrumentation; Mechanical; Civil.

Client: ENERECOS.P.A. Fano / End User: OMV-PETROM / Period: 2014–2016 / Location: Romania / Type of Work: Design

Engineering Services for OMV Wells

Engineering modifications to existing oil and gas facilities in Romania, together with other individual greenfield and brownfield projects as required by OMV Petrom. As Subcontractor, LUDAN was responsible for Site Survey and Data Collecting; Tie-in points engineering; Isometric Drawings; Materials take off (MTO) lists.

Client: AMEC FOSTER WHEELER / End User: OMV-PETROM / Period: 2014 / Location: Romania / Type of Work: Engineering