Modernization of the Benzoic Acid Plant

The project goal is the increasing of the capacity and the purity of benzoic acid produced in the existing plant and recovery the secondary products such as benzyl alcohol and benzaldehyde. LUDAN has been performed multidisciplinary engineering: technology / 3D modelling / piping / mechanical / civil and structure / electrical / instrumentation / process control.

CLIENT: SINTEZA S.A.  / PROJECT: modernization of the benzoic acid plant LOCATION: ORADEA, ROMANIA / TYPE OF WORK:  DESIGN / PERIOD: 2016 -2017

New chimney and auxiliary

Project objective was the implementation a new chimney for exhaust gases, resulted from the production of ultramarine pigments. LUDAN was contracted for EPCM services: permitting, design, procurement, construction management.

Client: NUBIOLA S.A. / Project: New chimney and auxiliary / Location: Dambovita, Romania / Type of Work: EPCM

Hydrogenation Unit of C4 fraction

In the manufacturing of butadiene rubber (SBR) via 1,3 Butadiene-Styrene polymerization, C4 fraction is used as raw material. The C4 fraction contains acetylenes which cannot be separated in the solvent extraction phase. Therefore, selective hydrogenation of acetylenes is required. With the goal of increasing the butadiene recovery process efficiency, the company awarded to LUDAN the project to develop a new installation based on licensed technology.