Wastewater Treatment Plant

The turn key project scope was: defining solution, technological calculation, execution of new equalization basins for neutralization unit, upgrade the existing biological basins with new aeration systems, blowers, new biological treatment unit for amine water based on AIS® Technology, new process control system, based on F/M ratio, operation as well as procurement, construction supervision, commissioning and start-up, consultancy during operation.

Client: Viromet SA, Victoria, Romania

Upgrade of Wastewater Treatment Plant

The WWTP treats 50 m3/h of wastewater with high ammonia (~ 1 g/L) and nitric ions (~ 1.2 g/L), from fertilizers plants. The project consisted of installation one-day equalization basin, a 3200 m3 biological basin with denitrification, nitrification, polishing and secondary clarifier compartments, AIS® technology, a process control system based on field instrumentation, SCADA, PLC, HMI, sludge management unit based on centrifugation of the bio sludge, after mineralization. LUDAN scope: Basic and Detail design packages; Permitting; Process control system (field/SCADA, PLC, HMI), Construction supervision; Pre-commissioning and Start up; Consultancy during operation.

Client: Donauchem SA, Turnu Măgurele, Romania

New wastewater treatment plant

The new WWTP treats 14 m3/h of wastewater with high COD and Nitrogen, from the CO2/CH4 cleaning unit. The project consists of one day equalization basin, biological basin MBR type, and local process control system. LUDAN scope: Basic and detail design; Permitting; Procurement, Project management and Construction supervision; Pre-commissioning and Start up; Consultancy during operation.


New wastewater treatment plant

The new WWTP treats 3,700 m3/h of wastewater from refinery units. The project scope was a  complete new WWTP with primary treatment API, vertical DAF, Sludge separation, slops treatment, equalization tanks, biological basins, AIS technology including nitrification, denitrifications, secondary clarifiers, Media filters, active carbon polishing, UV disinfection, 60% water reuse, integrated process control system, bio sludge management units of one day equalization basin, biological basin MBR type, and local process control system. LUDAN Scope was feasibility study and delivery of Basic Design package.

Client: Gazprom Neft, Omsk Refinery, Russia

 Biogas Pilot plant including electrical and thermal energy production

The project has consider a  biogas digestor of 3200 m3 capacity, raw materials as 5000 t/y pig manure, 5000 t/y chicken manure, 8000 t/y cow manure, 2000 t/y maize silos, silos platforms, manure platform, utilities, outputs 370 kW/h electrical and 400 kW/h thermal, the plant has a facility to dry the solid digestate up to 85%, using the generated heat.  The project is financed 100 % by IBRD, on non-reimbursable basis, through a dedicated organization. LUDAN scope:  National screening for the best localization of the project; Prefeasibility Studies for two selected  locations, Feasibility study; Basic Design package; Technical Project, Permitting including Building permit, Technical consultancy during the implementation.

Client: Ministery of Environmental, Water and Forests management, Romania

Treatment of the 220,000 tons of refinery sludge, historically landfilled in two natural lagoons and remediation of the sites

The green project scope was the remediation of the historical contamination soil, 220,000 tons of refinery sludge, deposed into two natural lagoons. The sludge was separated by tri phase centrifugation and fractions were further treated. The contaminated solid were treated  by direct heat thermal desorption technology, at a cleanup limit of 200 mg/Kg TPH. The treated material was used for backfilling. The contaminated sites were entirely cleaned and closed without future environmental liabilities. LUDAN scope: Basic and detail design,  Permitting, including Building permit and IPPC permit; Construction Project management and construction supervision; Pre-commissioning and start up ; Operation; Site backfilling.

Client: OMV Petrom SA, Romania