Flue gases treatment

Ludan agreed with the power – station CET GOVORA to implement a Pilot system on flue – gases emitted from a 50 MW production unit, burning Coal. 

The operation was approved by the local environmental authorities, which has been involved in the operation supervision and testing.

Scope of work

  • Permitting;
  • Detail engineering;
  • Procurement, construction;
  • Commissioning;
  • Technical assistance;
  • Project management and coordination.
Client: CET GOVORA / Project: Flue gases treatment / Location: Romania / Type of Work: EPC

Fuel Gas Treatment

The object of this project is to install a flue gas treatment system in order to reduce the emissions of SOx, NOx and P.M. (air pollution) emitted in Power Plant during the production of electricity and steam. 

  • SOx will be reduced below 1700 mg/Nm3;
  • NOx will be reduced below 500 mg/Nm3;
  • P.M. will be reduced below 50 mg/Nm3.

Scope of Work:

  • Know-how, good Engineering practice
  • Standard equipment like tanks, blower, pumps, instrumentation, 
  • Process control equipment, raw materials for steel works, 
  • Technical assistance, commissioning and training;
  • Construction works
Client: CET IASI / Project: Fuel Gas Treatment / Location: Romania / Type of Work: EPCM

Water balance for Steam Power Plant and deposits of ash, breeze and slurry

Project description:

Elaboration of the water balance for Steam Power Plant and deposits of ash, breeze and slurry

Scope of Work:

  • Unjustified losses detection and determination of their causes in order to establish remedial measures 
  • Establishing the economical operating schemes of cooling in conditions of given restriction (low river flows)
  • Establishing the negative effects of inadequate quality of captured water
  • Improvement of specific water norms on technological circuits and on the entire Steam Power Plant
Client: CE Rovinari / Project: Water Balance / Location: Romania / Type of Work: Engineering