The "Fuel Oil Processing Plant" project in Dzerzhinsk wast transferred to the state expertise

Local media reported that JSC SPE "Makston-Dzerzhinsk" handed over to state expertise the  project of the plant for processing of heavy oil residues in Dzerzhinsk (Nizhny Novgorod region).

Recall that the agreement on the project was signed in September 2017. It is expected that by 2019 the company will invest 5 billion rubles in the construction of a plant for the processing of heavy oil residues. The plant will produce special coke for the metallurgical, nuclear and electrode industries.

The capacity of the new plant will be 200 thousand tons per year for raw materials. The production facilities will include steam reforming units, delayed coking, gas fractionation, heavy naphtha hydrotreatment and coking diesel, desulphurization of gases, demercaptanization of light naphtha, plant facilities.

Production technologies and basic projects were developed by the Romanian branches of LUDAN Group and GTC companies on the basis of the packages of project documentation of similar installations operated by Eastern Europe.

It is assumed that the plant will be able to completely process the incoming fuel oil of primary and secondary processes, as well as heavy residual hydrocarbons of other processes of oil refining, petrochemistry and coal chemistry. The plant's products will be diesel fuel and motor gasoline of the fifth ecological class (raw materials for reforming or pyrolysis), granulated sulfur and petroleum coke. Production of dark oil products is not planned. The Nelson index will be 7.2.

The general designer is OOO "Ludan Rus" (part of the LUDAN Group), the company will also carry out design work, prepare a project for a process control system. Development of the master plan and project documentation is carried out by OAO GIPROIV. He is also responsible for the maintenance of equipment supplies.

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